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Topic: CC data & pianoroll data for stradi and some help needed

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    Exclamation CC data & pianoroll data for stradi and some help needed

    Hi everybody and thnx that this forum is avaible for us who is kind of a newbies=)hehe

    I need the CC Data & pianoroll data for stradi violin, i've tried to read the "book" but i dont find any cc data there so i would be very glad if i get any help on this=) and the second thing...i've updated the kontakt player to to the latest version, after reading about the small bugs, when i've tested this stradi in FLstudio....it happens that the sound dissapears for some reason (even after the updated files), has this something to do with the cpu ?...i mean is there a difference to use intel or amd for this product? or is it just the midi cc controller function what i need to tweak with so this works?

    my setup:
    Amd64 3500+ (2.2ghz), 2gb ddr3200, about 900gb hd space, echo layla 3g soundcard, event studio precision 8 active monitors, access virus c desktop, evolution mk425c midikeyboard
    software: FLstudio 6 producer edition and some plugs ( incl. GPO and Stradi=) ) and samples
    Producing in genres:dance, movie music (for fun), Melodic trance with a touch of the classical stuff=)

    Merry christmas and a happy new year=)

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    Re: CC data & pianoroll data for stradi and some help needed

    Hi Pekka,

    Welcome to the forum!

    As for your problems, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "CC Data & pianoroll data". However, in order to play the Strad in realtime, you do need an expression pedal (i.e. a pedal sending continuos data, not just on/off like a sustain pedal). This pedal (or some other continuous controller) should be set up to send CC#11 ("expression") to the Strad.

    This is mentioned in the manual, i.a. on p 8 and on p 32 ff, but I think the central importance of CC#11/expression should have been stressed in boldface, since it seems to be the main stumbling blocks for people starting out with the Strad, judging from the posts in this forum.

    If you don't send CC#11 ("CC" is MIDI speak for 'continuous controller), you will only hear the attack part of each note and after that just the 'bow noise'. Perhaps this is what you refer to when you say that the sound "disappears" and if so, it will be cured when you connect a pedal sending out CC#11 and push down on it.

    I'm on Mac, but I'm positive that your specific brand of CPU doesn't have the slightest influence on the Strad's ability to make sound. You do need the CC#11 pedal; that's probably your core issue.

    Hope this helps. Merry Xmas!


    Nihil sine labore

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    Re: CC data & pianoroll data for stradi and some help needed

    Hi and thnx for the answer Joey=) i will try out the cc#11. I'll come with more results soon and i'' try to explain it better then

    Merry christmas

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    Re: CC data & pianoroll data for stradi and some help needed

    i've figured it out...theres no bugs i pressed every button in the piano roll and soon there was sounds in different ways, a part of the piano has some kind of switches to change the violins sound, i mean u got tremolo, legato etc. the other half of the piano plays the notes of the violin and the second thing.... i did disable the "load instruments/bank in purged mode" so the instruments loads directly to the ram...now i even dont need to reload the samples which is good for me=)... now i'm more than happy with this=)

    for other who needs help, try this what i did, first connect = cc#11 "expression" to a controller, then disable the "load instr/banks in purged mode", and keep ur eyes on the stradi vari so u can see what the few pianobuttons does in the meny, the other half of the pianobuttons plays notes...hope u understand my explanation=)

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    Re: CC data & pianoroll data for stradi and some help needed

    Hi Pekka,

    Glad you figured it out! Exciting times ahead of you now.

    In sampler-speak, the 'piano buttons' that affect settings = keyswitches. Now I realize that you were referring to the keys on the keyboard when you mentioned pianoroll initially...

    Yes, the low octave keyswitches change articulations, just as you say. It would help if Giorgio could find the time to paint them pink in the Kontakt/Kontakt Player keyboard GUI.

    Good luck and Merry Xmas!


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