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Topic: Can RMX do this...

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    Can RMX do this...

    Love RMX! Can I trigger (via midi foot controller) the 8 RMX mixer channels.
    In other words, load each mixer track with its loop then play and stop each track with the foot controller. (press once, the track plays. Press once again and the track stops)

    I hope I am clear

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    Re: Can RMX do this...

    Yes...just MIDI Learn the Part Play buttons and it will work the way you want.

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    Re: Can RMX do this...

    Thanks Spectrum for the reply! I need to find out what I'm doing wrong...the moment I let go of my foot, the music stops. Don't know how to make it latch :-(

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    Re: Can RMX do this...

    Your foot pedal is probably a momentary-on switch. You would need to have an "on/off" switch, if i understand your dilema correctly.

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