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Topic: Newer update for JABB?

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    Newer update for JABB?

    Does the sticky at the top of this page represent the latest update for JABB? I just installed it from the group buy and want to make sure I have the latest. Thanks.

    AMD Athlon 64X2 4400+ 2.2GHz
    XP Pro 2GB Ram
    80GB OS, 160GB Audio, 320GB Samples
    Delta 66 Omni Sonar 5PE GPO, JABB

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    Re: Newer update for JABB?

    Yes, that's the latest update. A new update to K2 will be released in the near future.


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    Re: Newer update for JABB?

    I have JABB now, also from the recent group buy--It's still not clear to me if the posted update from the middle of 2005 is something I'm supposed to be concerned with? I've assumed that sticky post is so old that it has an update which is already included in my new copy of JABB. I've had no problems with the program, but obviously want to keep it up to date.

    SO--do new owners of JABB need to run that update--?


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    Re: Newer update for JABB?

    I also got my JABB from the group buy. I noticed emediatly that the accoustic guitar effects where not sounding. The JABB update solved the problem.

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    Re: Newer update for JABB?

    I got JABB only a couple of weeks ago. When I saw the update I looked at some of the file creation dates in the zip file and figured out they were later than the ones on my hard drive. So I installed the update.

    The usual way of handling this situation is with a version number. However, when I look at the About panel in the Kontakt player, the library version still shows as 1.0. Does Garritan not plan use versioning for library updates?

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