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Topic: Kokiri Forest

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    Kokiri Forest

    Happy Holidays All!

    Having a free weekend (at last!), I got to do some composition. And just in time too. FireGS's Zreo Project (http://www.zreomusic.com/) inspired me to do some Zelda Music.

    I use GPO to make the drafts of my recordings before I move on to the more specialized libraries (like ProjectSAM/Westgate/SISS/etc.) but I thought this draft turned out rather well.

    Have a listen to Kokiri Forest(GPO). A fun little tune from the Ocarina of Time. I did the sequencing/orchestration but I forget who the original composer was. So credit and my thanks to whoever it was

    edit: Here's the final master... doesn't use GPO but I'll post it for the comparison Kokiri Forest

    And thanks FireGS for getting me out of work and in front of the sequencer where I belong

    (and if you have chance visit my new website @ http://www.musicbyjpg.com)
    JP Garbarini

    "A man who is paid to do what he enjoys never works a day in his life." -- Chinese Proverb

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    Thumbs up Re: Kokiri Forest

    Very, very nice work on that! It's some very visual music. Kokiri Forest reminds me of some of John Williams' work. Nice web site you have there too, but i have to say that ZREO site has some awesome graphics, don't they?

    Merry Christmas

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    Re: Kokiri Forest

    Happy Holdays to you as well, JP!

    Wow, excellent job on this, I must say; strong
    writing, great energy and rhythmic impetus
    throughout -- and heck, just fun to listen to.
    Very visual, as Leaf [David] said; with fine
    color handling in the orchestra.

    There's one problem though. It makes me want


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    Re: Kokiri Forest

    Thanks guys!

    Yeah, the Zreo website has killer graphics. I wish I knew more about graphic design lol.

    I also made a final master of this same song using libraries other than GPO. So have another listen (not that I'm saying the GPO one isn't great)
    JP Garbarini

    "A man who is paid to do what he enjoys never works a day in his life." -- Chinese Proverb

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    Re: Kokiri Forest

    Wonderful rendition, JP! Ocarina of Time happens to be one of my absolute favourites, so this brings back great memories. Much more regal sounding than the original small forest village though

    And for the record, the original composer for this and all Zelda music (as well as the Mario Bros. games) is Koji Kondo

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