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Topic: Jesu Parvule with three Gofrillers & a Strad

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    Jesu Parvule with three Gofrillers & a Strad

    Merry Christmas Gary and everyone!
    This is a quickie I did last night.

    The arrangement is from The Singers Unlimited "Christmas"
    It uses the Garritan Solo Stradivari violin for the melody, and the other three parts are featured by the soon to be released Garritan Gofriller solo cello.


    Yesu Parvule

    Thank you Gary, Giorgio and Stefano for these fine instruments!


    Jesu par-vu-le
    on Thy couch of hay
    greet we Thee today
    sweet Son of Mary,

    be Thy slumber deep
    while fair angels keep
    vigil o'er Thy sleep
    blest babe of Mary

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    Re: Jesu Parvule with three Gofrillers & a Strad

    Thanks for posting this Dan, and also your earlier "Lo! How A Rose E'er Blooming". Great work on both of these beautiful songs. Do you have any background information on "Jesu", where it comes from, etc?
    Song like these exemplify what makes the music of Christmas so dear to us.
    You are the Master!

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    Re: Jesu Parvule with three Gofrillers & a Strad

    Hi bigears,

    Thank you for listening.

    After reading your compliment of calling me master,
    I assure you, I am no master. .
    But thank you very much for your nice words.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Here is a link I found on Google about where the song came from.


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    Re: Jesu Parvule with three Gofrillers & a Strad

    Thanks for the link. That's an interesting heritage, isn't it? I am fond of the song "Some Children See Him" too. I was thinking it was a fairly new song and didn't know the background on it, so thanks, Dan. Merry Christmas!

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    Re: Jesu Parvule with three Gofrillers & a Strad

    Not to say this attempt is bad or something, however:
    somehow, i find the strad not realistic enough (transition wise).
    Sometimes it sounds like a badly/synthy sampled solo violin. (transition wise that is)
    i guess you need to add more portamento into it. (and also more vibrato on the long notes) That way you get a more "gipsy/schindlers list" kind of sound, which suits best for this type of song.

    Maybe you need to adjust/fix/tweak this a bit more. I know the strad. can sound very lifelike (transition wise), if i listen to other demos made with it.

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    Re: Jesu Parvule with three Gofrillers & a Strad

    I remixed it to fix a few balance issues and I added a little more portamento in the violin as requested.

    I have listened to a number of professional recordings with a solo violin, and I have overused the portamento on the Strad in the past. It is obvious to me after hearing a number of great recordings, that really really good violinist'sssss don't use that much portamento, they go right to the exact note. An excessive amount of portamento is used for an intended increase of expression.

    Just my observations. Of course, if I knew how to play a stringed instrument I would be better at this, but it sure beats the heck out of static vibrato and expression in the past.

    Thanks for listening and posting!

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    Re: Jesu Parvule with three Gofrillers & a Strad


    this is one of the best Strad demos I have heard so far. Of course, how could it be different.

    Speaking of portamento: Good violinists try to avoid the technically induced portamenti but use them for expression purposes. It is not difficult to guess when it is appropriate and when not - just think of a singer as a soloist. Depending on the style one may imagine a baroque singer or an italian opera tenor or soprano. Whenever they would do a portamento in a line a good violinist would (and should) also do one - no less, no more.

    Which leads to the conclusion that upwards portamenti have a different meaning and expression than downward portamenti, and yes this is very much the case and well worth being thought about.

    One very famous italian opera singer once said about himself: It is not a very big voice - but the portamenti, the portamenti ...
    And it is true, if they are used sparingly but then come right in the perfect moment and in the right dosage they are what does the magic.

    And if you catch a violinist doing a portamento that a singer would definetely not do ... then you have caught him, no matter how famous he or she is . Like pianists violinists are sometimes too much influenced by the anatomy of the hand but it is always better to have a musical reason to do something than an anatomical.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Jesu Parvule with three Gofrillers & a Strad

    Hello Dan,
    This new version has, for me, fixed the one or two small issues that disturbed me a little with the first version. This makes two points stand out...
    1) You always knew what you were aiming for
    2) Stradivari and Gofriller have the capacity to get you there

    (can't wait to get my hands on that Godzilla cello! )
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    Thumbs up Re: Jesu Parvule with three Gofrillers & a Strad

    It's Excellent, Dan!! Thanks for posting this.


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