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Topic: Kokiri Forest and Happy Holidays!

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    Kokiri Forest and Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    I have a present for you all, a piece I did today after getting some inspiration from the Friday chat. We got around to talkin' Zelda and the wonderful music in the series. Well I went out and made a recording of Kokiri Forest from Ocarina of Time. It's a fun little piece! I did the sequencing and orchestration but I forget who the composer was. So thanks to whoever for a great compostion.

    Kokiri Forest

    Hope you enjoy.

    Now to spend Sunday making something original hehe
    JP Garbarini

    "A man who is paid to do what he enjoys never works a day in his life." -- Chinese Proverb

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    Re: Kokiri Forest and Happy Holidays!

    Wow, excellent job on this piece! Did you do this in a single day? How do you work so fast, I think it would take me at least a week! What programs did you use to make it?

    The composer is Koji Kondo by the way!

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