i'd like to know if someone is aware on some homebrew software for the nintendo DS which can be used to write, read and play (with simple sounds) a score with 2 or more staves polyphonically.
imagine using the touchscreen on the DS to write and listen immediately notes and music while you are travelling or you are not in front of a piano or the PC. it would be a great tool for learning and working, expecially for people which are not able to "mentally listen" to the notes that they are writing on the staff.

i know that it exist a software that connects via MIDI the DS to the PC (http://createdigitalmusic.com/2006/1...di-controller/) - and just imagine the touchpad as a tactile XY controller - but this is not what i'm looking for.

or one can install linux... and maybe on linux there is some software already available that does what i'm looking for... i don't know anything about linux!

basically, i'm not interested in the DS as a "synthesizer" or as a tracker (someone did this), but as a tool for writing music in the "classical" way.

PS: i like the nintendo DS and i wish to buy it, but just i need some more justification to buy! ;-)