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Topic: Problem With My M-audio 192 Sound Card

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    Problem With My M-audio 192 Sound Card

    I have 2 Gigastudio PC's running on 2 M-Audio Cards. These drivers have always been a problem but they eventually work well once installed.
    The problem is that onone of my PC's, I have recently upgraded to a new mother board and after all installation including a recent driver download, I see the sound on the metres but no audio including the welcoming XP bong!. The computer runs amazing so it's probably a tiny fix to get this going and I can't figure it out.It even could be turning something on in the Bios. Anyhow, can anyone help me out here?

    Happy Holidays and thanks!
    Toronto, Canada

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    Re: Problem With My M-audio 192 Sound Card

    First of all check this:
    - all cables are plugged in correctly
    - go to Control Panel - Sound and Audio Devices - Audio tab and make sure M-Audio Delta AP192 1/2 (if you're using the analog out) is selected as your default device for sound playback (and recording...).

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    Re: Problem With My M-audio 192 Sound Card

    Thanks. As it turned out, it was an output issue with Gigastudio and GPO-not enough outputs.


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