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Topic: EWQLSC Cubasis VST 5 and Wordbuilder

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    Arrow EWQLSC Cubasis VST 5 and Wordbuilder

    Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to get these 3 programs working together so that I can record midi events (mod wheel etc) in cubasis, having written out the text in wordbuilder? I can get choirs to run as a VST but wordbuilder is not in my VST menu and I don't know why. My set up is:
    Win XP, 3GHz 1.5GB RAM, SoundBlaster Audigy.

    I know it's not a good soundcard but have had few problems so far and can get GPO to work as a VST easily, although I mainly use the studio for this. I also have Marple Midi installed and a USB keyboard.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as the manual seems to say more about the software's capabilities than actually HOW to use it!



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    Re: EWQLSC Cubasis VST 5 and Wordbuilder

    Maybe you should follow the guidelines in the manual.
    I know wordbuilder need to be standalone, but configured properly before the vsti can use it. (some thirtparty software midi router is needed for this, it's all in the installation manual)

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