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Topic: Only some sounds do not load!

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    Only some sounds do not load!

    Hi, I'm new to the forums. I just got the garritan VST, I'm using it with Cubase SX 2. All my other VSTs work fine, and even SOME sounds work in garritan, but just none of the BRASS do, which sucks because that's the main reason I wanted it, was I need some good brass sounds. I've gotten the guitar and accordion and drums working just as it should, but just cant figure out why no brasses are making sound when loaded.

    Anyone have any idea?



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    Re: Only some sounds do not load!

    First guess: Does moving the mod wheel help?

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    Re: Only some sounds do not load!

    Make sure you read the manual! There is very important information on using the library correctly and to its fullet potential in the manual.


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    Re: Only some sounds do not load!

    I guarantee there are many, many things in JABB that you will not get working properly if you don't thoroughly read both the manual and the update documentation (which makes corrections, additions, and modifications to the information in the manual.)


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    Re: Only some sounds do not load!

    Because this is pretty obviously a JABB question I'm moving this from the GPO area to the JABB tech support area.


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