I am successfully running GS3 (latest version) on a dedicated machine with no problems, but would like to "integrate" K2 on the same box. Obviously, this poses some problems especially if you would ever like to play them simultanenously. I'm pretty much past the point of integrating VSTis into my DAW environment and prefer the dedicated machine approach. But it seems that the HW configuration that works for GS3, by definition, is very limiting for K2 (cannot use multi-processors, for example).

So my thought is to reconfigure this hardware to a very fast dual-core multiprocessor configuration AND employ NI Kore to somewhat emulate what a Muse Receptor does. From there, run both Kontakt and GVI within the Kore environment. I guess I'm supposing that this is a similar, but somewhat more powerful config than using VStack for the same purpose.

Any comments, success/failure stories others are willing to share?

Thanks in advance!!!