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Topic: Symphonic Choirs SATB - how?!

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    Symphonic Choirs SATB - how?!

    I'm sure I'm being really dumb and that this has been answered before, but having checked through the archives I couldn't find it.I'm still really new to sequencing - I've used Sibelius for years as a score writer and have not wanted to go into the realms of realistic playback - until now!Having just bought this library I am delighting in it's abilities, but am wondering how exactly you get more that one choir singing at once. My sequencer is cubasis vst 5 at the moment which I believe won't support wordbuilder, and am waiting on a shipment of Sonar this week. I've got one choir singing words in sibelius having followed the finale instructions at http://support.~~~~~~~~~~~~.com/faq/...=61&artlang=en and am using midiyoke to link sibelius, wordbuilder and SC. To get more than one choir to sing, do I just need to open more instances of WB and SC and where the first one is set to output midiyoke 1 in sib, and output of wordbuilder to midiyoke 2, change the following choir lines in sibelius to outputs 3 and (and 4 in WB), 5 (and 6) and 7 (and 8)? I tried this and got no playback from anything in sibelius.Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?Thanks!

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    Re: Symphonic Choirs SATB - how?!


    oops - that was meant to be the page at ~~~~~~~~~~~~ in the FAQ where there are instructions on how to link finale and SC and WB

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    Re: Symphonic Choirs SATB - how?!

    You might get a faster answer on the, uhm, ~~~~~~~~ forum

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