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Topic: GPO and GarageBand

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    Question GPO and GarageBand


    I just installed GPO on my Mac (Mirror Door Dual 1.42 G4). I want to use it with GarageBand and have followed the tutorial written by Rick Schneblin (I have GB2). However, after adding the GPO folder to Library > Application Support > GarageBand > Instrument Library > Track Settings > Software, "GPO" does not show up in the list of Software Instruments for GB. Anyone have an idea why that might be?

    If this is the wrong forum for this post, I apologize and only ask that you point me to the right place.


    Gentle Ben

    P.S. I was going to search this forum for "GarageBand" and "GPO", but couldn't figure out how to do searches. So, if there is already an answer to this question, please excuse the post and let me know how to search GPO fora.

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    Talking Re: GPO and GarageBand

    By poking around, I solved this problem myself. I copied a .cst file (in my case 12 String Acoustic.cst, but I assume any .cst file would do) into the GPO folder I created and, voila', GPO now shows in the GarageBand Software Instruments list.

    Gentle Ben

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