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Topic: Several Strad problems on MacBook Pro

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    Several Strad problems on MacBook Pro

    I have just put my new Strad onto my MacBook Pro. Several issues:

    1. My sequencers--Logic Express, Garage Band, and Intuem--can't find either Kontact Player or the Strad. Neither appears in the instrument selection menues, nor in Logic's AU setup utility. I installed with the 'Easy Install' option, letting Setup choose all the paths.
    2. Kontact seems to be able to recognize only one of my keyboard controllers at a time. I'm using a weighted Roland 88 key Midi piano through an M-Audio USB Fastrack Pro for the keyboard and sus pedal, and an M-Audio Axiom 49 through the other USB port for everything else (mod wheel, expression, etc.) I suppose I can just buy a sustain pedal and use only the Axiom, but I was hoping to be able to use the other keyboard too 'cause I prefer the feel of it.
    3. Like others, I see no red highlights for key switching in the Player window, and get no keyswitching response in the ocave below the Strad's blue range.

    Also having problems with the NI reg program. But forget about that for now.

    Any help on any of these issues is welcome!


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    Re: Several Strad problems on MacBook Pro

    Okay, scratch number 3 above. The key switching is fine; I'm just a little dense. Good night.

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