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Topic: Eric, Can you answer this?

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    Eric, Can you answer this?

    I am upgrading my audio card and decided to reinstall everything from the ground up, including the system drive where I store my Spectrasonics software.( I own Atmosphere and Stylus RMX.) Can I move the large sample files to a second hard drive , reinstall the software on a new system drive and then point the software to the large sample files? This would be quicker than reinstalling from DVD. I will need to install the program itself because I am going to a new hard drive but was hoping the new install would be able to "see" the data (samples) on the new drive.

    Plus, any issues with licensing? I currently have the software on my machine at work and here at home on my old drive that I will be retiring if I can get this EMU 1616M to behave.

    All the very best,


    PS Is Spectrasonic's Winter NAMM going to dent my wallet? (hope so!)
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    Re: Eric, Can you answer this?

    No problem to move the libraries to another drive....look up the answers here:


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