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Topic: Synful instruments development - or lack thereof...

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    Synful instruments development - or lack thereof...

    Hi All,

    I bought Synful Orchestra as soon as it was released for OSX. It was an incomplete product, but since Synful announced that updates were just a few months away, I didn’t worry. However, since then, the only update that was released was the Sections update (and the UB release). I noticed that the website does not even mention a date or period in which the updates will be released. The last announcement was Oct. 2006 – Jan. 2007. I guess that, because they deleted these dates, that we have to wait even longer for the updates.

    With this post I do not want to dismiss Synful. I love Synful, as it is such a responsive instrument, and is so intuitive to use. Yet, I hate the constant delay of the (essential) updates. Essential, because it still lacks basic playing techniques such as pizz, con sordino, and instruments such as piccolo.

    What are your thoughts about this, and do you perhaps know more about Synful and its developments?

    Thanks and cheers,


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    Re: Synful instruments development - or lack thereof...

    Strange indeed. Recently, I wanted to authorize Synful on a second computer (as we are entitled to) but have not got any response from there until now. I hope, everything is OK with Mr. Lindeman.

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    Re: Synful instruments development - or lack thereof...

    I have learned to NEVER completely trust any developer about a new product until that product is delivered and available.

    Have you ever heard the term "vaporware"?

    Even if a developer has the best intentions there is always something that can happen.

    With Synful, I assume they have been busy getting their software work on MacIntel computers.

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    Re: Synful instruments development - or lack thereof...

    In another thread ( search synful - the conversation happens more in the sampled forum), Synful's creator and head, Eric Lindemann, tried to explain new product delay (yes this was awhile ago, ...). He said:
    Hi Folks,

    The following has been posted on our website since end of July:

    APOLOGY FOR BEING LATE: Those who have followed this page [www.synful.com/FutureDevelopments.htm] know that we have delayed the release of the General Improvement and Rerecording of All Instruments more than once! We sincerely apologize for this. We have in fact rerecorded almost all instruments with all kinds of articulation and all "standard" orchestral techniques -- harmonics, mutes, sul ponticello, tremolo, pizz, flutter tongues, and most importantly a very wide range of phrases with all kinds of slurs, attacks, light and heavy bowing, etc. When we began to incorporate these recordings in improved Synful instruments we found difenciencies in our underlying RPM technology. This was especially true during fast changing sounds -- horn glisses/rips, fast bowing etc. We believe we have made significant improvements to RPM over the past several months and we will move as fast as possible to get the new instruments and sounds to you. We apologize for the delay and the inconvenience. Hopefully, the wait will be worth it. Thanks for your patience, Eric Lindemann, Synful -- July 28, 2006

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