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Topic: Grand Piano 2 sample

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    Grand Piano 2 sample

    Dear friends, here is my concerto opus 209 no.4


    I use Grand Piano 2 of my Roland RD 700 digital stage piano.
    Some comments will be very well apreciated.

    Thank you!


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    Re: Grand Piano 2 sample

    If that is you playing, I must say you are truely gifted. Simply wonderful playing.

    I hate to say it, but the samples do not quite live up to the playing ability. I don't know if any sample could, but the sound of the sample does not really entice me to buy this librabry. I'm sure a great deal of effort and time went into making this, but sadly the samples did not do it justice.

    But I would love to hear this played on the real thing!

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    Re: Grand Piano 2 sample

    Very nice indeed! Thank you. I understand you are a professional pianist and composer.
    Niclas Fogwall
    Pianoteq sales & support

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    Re: Grand Piano 2 sample

    Thanks for the reviews.

    Of course i wanted one opinion about the composition itself, but anyway thanks!


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    Re: Grand Piano 2 sample

    Hi, I have a problem with downloading your file. Can't finde the page. Would you be able to post a midi file so we could listen to it using a better virtual piano? (like pianoteq for eg.)

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