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Topic: Can someone recommend a good vocal FX vst?

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    Can someone recommend a good vocal FX vst?

    I would love to get some suggestions of what software to look at for some high quality vocal FX. Reverbs, slap-back delays, misc. vocal fx, etc. I have a lot of vst fx, but none dedicated solely to vocals.

    Thanks in advance,

    Sean Dockery
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    Re: Can someone recommend a good vocal FX vst?

    Well you could check out Waves bundles. For really great EQ & compression -much more important than delays & reverbs IMHO- the UAD cards are superb.

    None of this comes really cheap though.


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    Re: Can someone recommend a good vocal FX vst?

    In the "cheap but pretty good" area,
    you might check www.voxengo.com, they have a bunch of very good plugins, and specifically one called "voxformer" if I remember right, which might it
    interest you (here again, it's just preamp, comp, eq, etc..).
    I don't own this one, nevertheless I have a few Voxengo plugs, and I think they are a real bang for the bucks (and I do own an UAD1 too).
    You can trial anyway, they have functionnal demos for all their range.
    Plus, they have a sale right now, which ends tomorrow.

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