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Topic: Jubilo and Dance

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    Jubilo and Dance

    This is my first post in the GPO listening room, so be easy on me. A little background info first. My name is Michael Stephen Miller. I am currently 18 years old, and have been writing music since a little before the year 2000. I have also been playing the piano since I was four. This little piece of music is one I wrote a few months ago. A few months before I wrote this piece I had some termoil between me and a friend. The details are very involved and I won't go into them here. Durring the third week of the summer, we managed to work things out. I wrote Jubilo and Dance a few days later. It is a celebratory piece. Anyway tell me what you think.


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    Re: Jubilo and Dance

    A warm welcome to the forum, Michael!

    And quite an introduction of your music, I must say.

    Superb work on this, excellent composition with great
    drive, energy, coherence, contrast, and some real
    substance to it.

    I don't hand these out lightly; but this work most
    definitely merits an enthusiastic...


    Bring us more, Michael! Bring us -- more!

    All my best,


    Post Scriptum:

    Technically, I might suggest another look at overall
    balance and levels; and perhaps a somewhat gentler
    hand with reverb for greater clarity.


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    Smile Re: Jubilo and Dance

    Thanks for your input and sorry I couldn't respond sooner. I am planning on rerecording the piece after cleaning up some of the balance issues. A lot of the ballance issues are due to the fact that I wrote that piece origonally using soundfonts. As you may or may not know, soundfonts use velocity based dynamics. As you can imagine, migrating a velocity based midi sequence to a sample library like GPO is NOT easy. The worst part is, some of my pieces reach lengths of well over 20 minutes. My longest piece is over a half hour long. That one is going to be a real project. But anyway, I will post another message to this thread when I get the final recording done.

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    Re: Jubilo and Dance

    Awesome piece Mike!

    I can really sense the excitement in the song, much like some of Stephen Schwartz's stuff. I can totally relate with the transition from soundfonts to GPO, but I think that the piece itself has an amazing dynamic potential.

    Keep writing, we always wanna see more!


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    Re: Jubilo and Dance

    I rerecorded the piece with the ballance ajusted. There is also a little less reverb.


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