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Topic: 2nd JABB piece

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    Happy New Year AULD LANG SYNE

    Here is my second production using JABB. It is the traditional AULD LANG SYNE for the New Year. (I don't like the bends, but it is my first attempt).

    Suggesyions on how to create better slides and scoops would be appreciated. (I don't use a synth KB for input so I will not be using the mod wheel). I use Finale '07 and no other sequncing program. (My bucks are tied up in Finale and Garritan).
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    Re: 2nd JABB piece

    Suggestions on JABB I cannot give, because I'm basically
    still an idiot with it... lol.

    But I will say you seem to be really getting a handle on
    making that obstreperous sax sing like it should.

    Nice job on this, William, and -- Happy New Year!

    My best,


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    Re: 2nd JABB piece

    Hey, Wrayer--Nice!

    We're both new JABB users, and we both had the same idea---I came to the Forum just now to post my version of "Auld Lang Syne"--imagine my surprise to see that you beat me to it! Logical project choice for the holiday--Maybe there'll even more versions put up! hehe.

    Santa Clause brought me JABB this year--and my "Syne" is the first piece I've done with it. I'll post it after I finish this reply.

    You said you won't be using the mod wheel--That's quite a handicap when working with the Garritan programs. I use Sonar, so am more concerned with producing tracks than in making charts--and so I don't really know much about using Finale. There's no way to use controller data in that program? I know its focus is for producing sheet music, so I suppose that makes sense.

    What you did sounds good, with lack of volume variation probably being the element that would lend it even more naturalism.

    Thanks for the post--Hope you have the chance to check my version out too!


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    Re: 2nd JABB piece

    Wrayer--we seem to be part of an "Auld Lang" club--I'm getting your contribution back up on the list.

    BY the way, I just noticed that something in my earlier reply came out exactly the opposite of what I meant. You probably understood--I was meaning to say that more dynamic variations in the sax volume would lend it more naturalness. What I originally typed sounded like I was saying the opposite.

    Here's to a jazzy New Year!

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    Re: 2nd JABB piece

    rbowser, I got that. I am lazy in that area. Well, maybe it's a New Year's resolution. Thanks for the listen and Happy New Year.

    ETLUX, Thanks, as usual and Happy New Year to you also. (I love your new piece!!!!!)

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