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Topic: XP Kontakt Old Lady e6600

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    XP Kontakt Old Lady e6600

    I am hoping that someone here could steer me to a XP and Kontakt 2.2 resource that would offer a description on how to configure XP and Kontakt for low latency playing.

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    Re: XP Kontakt Old Lady e6600

    There is a pdf from NI called "DFD Demystified.pdf"
    Maybe that helps to find the right settings in K2.
    Do you know that?
    If not, send me a PM, I'll send it to you.

    Chris Hein
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    Re: XP Kontakt Old Lady e6600


    Thank-you so much for the response. I will look closely at the demystify pdf. Tech support at NI pointed me in that direction also. I am looking for information concerning stand-alone versus vsti host with Kontakt and which 'way' I should go. I get an error message when setting latency too low when using stand-alone with multiprocessor supprt enabled. When disabled I'm wondering if Kontakt sees both sticks of RAM or just one of them, as well as if there are adjustments on the XP side of things to make one processor run XP while the othe runs Kontakt.

    The difference between my old XP3000 system and my new e6600 when using the sustain pedal is moderate but not night and day. Sometimes I lay on the sustain pedal a little too long and start getting clicks. I don't have a Raptor yet and am planning to order it this week. Do you think the 150gb Raptor will solve 'all my problems'.

    I am hoping that there is a 'drill down' or a previous thread that some one would be kind enough to point me to that gets into the XP Dual Care adjustments, if there are any and responses from Old Lady users who might report on trouble free sustain pedal performance.

    Happy New Year

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