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Topic: New JABB User/FinMac 2005b-HELP!

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    New JABB User/FinMac 2005b-HELP!

    Hello all,

    After many years, I finally committed and purchased JABB as part of the recent group buy. I'm a "power user" with Finale (version 1.0 vet) and have been using Reason and soundfonts for playback of big band charts with reasonable success.

    So...I installed JABB and began to play with it...as expected the individual sounds show a lot of promise, BUT when I try to playback an existing big band score (a FinMac 2005b file), I get lots of digital artifacts (pops, sizzles), etc.with only a brass section loaded...or even with just saxophones and rhythm. I'm working on an iMac G5 with 1.25 GB of RAM...

    I've tried opening up the latency both in Garritan Jazz (which I assume also affects GPO Studio since there is nowhere to adjust latency in the GPO Studio preferences) AND opened up the latency all the way in my digital audio interface. Hmm...maybe that's part of the issue?

    In another post on this forum, Tom Hopkins mentioned that he did all those great sounding JABB demos with less than 1.5 GB of RAM, so I'm hoping there's a solution available with my current rig. If not, I'm suppose I'm willing to spend to bread to max out my RAM to 2 GB if that will cure the problem.

    Any help or advice would be gratefully received. I would love to make JABB part of my regular toolkit if possible.

    Thanks and best wishes for a great 2007,
    Eric Richards

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    Re: New JABB User/FinMac 2005b-HELP!

    Adding more RAM will help, but MAC performance is much worse than Windows. I've read posts of people with G5 dual 2.5 machines, still having problems.

    Hopefully when JABB gets ported over to be a native Intel mac app, the playing field will be leveled.

    What you can do for now is:
    Lower Polyphony for each instrument in the Kontakt player
    Lower the Ambience reverb quality to a much lower level, maybe 10-15%.
    Use the Lite instruments
    Lower the sample rate in GPO Studio from 44k to 22k.

    As a "Power User" of Finale, have you considered upgrading to Finale 2007? HP will recognize text expressions like "cup mute" when using JABB and Fin. 2007, and make the keyswitch trigger automatically. There are many playback paraqmeters that have been improved since Fin. 2005.


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