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Topic: JABB Mezzo Sax Eb5

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    JABB Mezzo Sax Eb5

    Hello - am I the first JABB user to have a problem with Eb5 on the mezzo soprano sax ? I've been through all the posts and can't find any reference to it. I'm new to JABB (tho' not to GPO) and did a test-recording last night of a piece in C minor (hence lots of E flats), to find that the volume of Eb5 was consistently higher than that of other notes in the same run... and adjusting the volume manually didn't seem to change much (the difference is in the timbre as well as the volume). Is this just the natural point where the timbre changes and should I therefore just reconcile myself to transposing things into B minor instead, or is it a known issue with JABB ? Thanks ! Viv.

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    Re: JABB Mezzo Sax Eb5

    This hadn't been reported before. The update will include an improvement.


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    Re: JABB Mezzo Sax Eb5

    Thank you ! Much appreciated.

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