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Topic: Help with Computer Shopping

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    Smile Help with Computer Shopping

    Hello all,

    I'm hoping for advice. I'm using two computers (a dual-core Creation Station PC running Pro Tools and a dual 2.5 Ghz PowerPC Mac G5 running Kontakt 2). It looks like I'll need to add two more computers so that I can work efficiently with my huge orchestral sample libraries (EWQLSO Platinum being the biggest amongst them).

    Anyone have a type of computer that they'd recommend for this? I'll likely be buying two computers to both run Kontakt 2 (standalone), and I'll be light-piping the audio back to some sort of optical patch bay that will feed into my Digidesign 192 interface. Any advice on a good patch bay would be appreciated. Also, I'd love to hear any thoughts on efficient solutions for getting MIDI data back and forth from the new computers (I currently daisy-chain M-Audio 4X4s to get MIDI info in and out of my G5).

    I'm looking forward to an interesting discussion!

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    Re: Help with Computer Shopping

    Well, for the MIDI, ditch all of the midi interfaces and get Midi Over Lan. Instead of all of those midi cables all you'll need to transmit your midi is just a single ethernet cable.

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    Re: Help with Computer Shopping

    Thanks for the reply, tgfoo!

    I was wondering though... don't all your computers have to be on the same platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc) for that to work? I have a Mac and a PC, and I've customized them a lot for the studio, so I would like to keep using both. Also, don't you have to run specific DAW software for that too? I'm Pro Tools based, and I haven't heard that you can do that with Pro Tools... or am I wrong?

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