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Topic: Cymbal Sample Library

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    Cymbal Sample Library

    Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good cymbal library that has swells and rolls and other cymbal effects. I already have BFD and the Deluxe Xpansion pack, and it is very disappointing that it is nearly impossible to get a good cymbal swell with those. 10 years ago I remember Paiste having a 3 CD set of most of their Cymbals, but I can't seem to hunt them down anywhere. I have found various Cymbal libraries of Sabian and others, but the are all single strike at various velocities. Anyway, just looking for a nice dry Cymbal library with articulations.



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    Re: Cymbal Sample Library

    Meanwhile you found what you want, you can try the Sonic Implants free cymball roll soundfont. It`s nice and useable.
    They appear to have what you want in their Symphonic Percussion Collection, but the price.
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    Re: Cymbal Sample Library

    I should mention that I primarily work in Kontakt on a Mac. I downloaded the cymbal roll but it is an .exe file which mac people can't do anything with. They didn't have the cymbal roll in their free Kontakt file list.


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    Re: Cymbal Sample Library

    Quote Originally Posted by mason
    Anyway, just looking for a nice dry Cymbal library with articulations.


    I've gotten a lot of mileage out of the Bob Clearmountain Drums-II imported into Kontakt:

    The only place I can find them now is East-West (go to the sounds online homepage and then):


    There are 16 separate cymbals each with crescendo rolls. They are stick rolls, and, although well played, not soft-mallet orchestral rolls. I don't do a lot of in-the-box orchestras, so they work fine for me.
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    Re: Cymbal Sample Library

    Another source of good cymbal rolls is Peter Erskin's "Living Drums" CD.

    Granted, it's over 10 years old now, but there is a good bit of cymbal sample material in there, and the cymbal rolls are varied enough in length, as well as sticks and mallets, that it's been a staple set of cymbal rolls I usually go to.

    And I'll second the Clearmountain 2 recommendation as well.

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