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Topic: GPO and Gigastudio

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    GPO and Gigastudio

    After opening up Gigastudio and GPO stand alone on one PC, this caused the outputs on the Kontact Player to get erased. I had to restore the system to get everything back. I believe that this happened because I set the Kontact audio outputs to the same audio outputs on Giga and the GSIF competed. Should I assume then that you need to assign different outputs to each virtual instrument?

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    Re: GPO and Gigastudio

    I certainly would, if only to have separate control of the two samplers. I don't know if the latest Giga (or your soundcard driver, for that matter) allows sharing of outputs but if you experience a problem, assume that it doesn't. Also, make sure you run GPO entirely in RAM if you are going to be using Giga at the same time. This should avoid streaming conflicts.


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