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Topic: Vienna Chamber Strings

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    Vienna Chamber Strings

    Dear all,
    I'm looking to buy 'Vienna Chamber Strings' after being completely blown away by the demo's on their website. This is a big investment (Although, still cheaper than renting a string ensemble.)

    Does anyone have any experience working with 'Vienna Chamber Strings' (VCS) ?
    I would love to hear some more pieces using VCS.

    Over the years I have collected quite a number of excellent libraries:

    Garritan PO
    Garritan Big Band Jazz Orch.
    Ultimate Strings
    Synful Orchestra
    Project SAM Solo Brass
    EWQL Symphonic Choirs an various soundfonts.

    As soon as I figure out how to share some demos I'll get them up for people to listen.

    Chiseen (Hong Kong)

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    Re: Vienna Chamber Strings

    I don't have any demos to post currently...

    But I can't recommend Chamber Strings enough. It is by far, the most used string library I own.

    I tend to do strings mock-ups for pop or rock arrangements, more than orchestral, and Chamber Strings gets me right where I usually need to be, for those genres.

    Even when a bigger sound is needed/desired, Chamber Strings still gets used. I find tucking these samples under bigger ones (like EW platinum, or even Opus) adds a "point of interest" or "human element" to the sound, much like you get when tucking a solo instrument sample in with the ensemble.

    And of course, for an intimate sound, it's untouchable.

    Just get it... don't even ponder it any more.

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    Smile Re: Vienna Chamber Strings

    Hello Chiseen
    Here is a first typical Chamber String piece:

    Sinfonia BWV 29

    I produced lots of playbacks/acompaniments with the Chamber Strings in 2004
    Playbacks of Bach’s Cantatas, Serie 1
    Playbacks of Bach’s Cantatas, Serie 2
    Unfortunately the Quality of these mp3s is not so good.
    Further on is the finalmix (reverb etc.) not on the current level possibilities - sorry for that.

    Here are some playbacks of Handel...
    Wedding Anthem, Strength and honour

    ... for comparing Chamber Strings / Solo Strings
    Handel, O Praise the Lord

    Here is a combination of a live instrument with Chamber Strings:
    Playing with an accomaniment: Chamberstrings, SoloStrings, Alto Saxophon (live)

    Foundling Hospital, Andante

    And finally one of my first piece I did for the Chamberstrings in 2004:
    Kaufmann, Changes

    …Even better is to buy both of them – the SoloStrings and the
    ChamberStrings! The combination is unbeatable at the moment…

    Beat Kaufmann

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    Re: Vienna Chamber Strings

    Thanks for the advice

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    Re: Vienna Chamber Strings

    Thank you for such a speey reply!

    ... I erm... consider myself to be reasonably well-listened in terms of orchestral music and some of the recordings you have made are ..... well... scarily realistic <gulp>

    Do you need to program a lot of seperate tracks in order to reach such a natural sound? The difference between legato and staccato, for example. Do you need to use two different patches or does the performance tool 'handel' it well enough?


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    Re: Vienna Chamber Strings

    Just to help whilst you wait for a reply from Beat.

    The Vienna VI uses its own player, therefore there is no Performance Tool. All articulations are keyswitchable, so in theory you only need one MIDI channel per instrument (sometimes for layering or divisi it will be necessary to have two or three). All this "separate channels for each articulation" nonsense is really old technology now, and it is hard to believe that people are still putting up with it.


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    Re: Vienna Chamber Strings

    Hello Chiseen
    Daryl already gave the answer to your question. Thanks Daryl!

    I've vergoten to post the newest piece with Chamber-Strings:
    J.S.Bach, Cantata BWV 11, Choral

    With this fresh and nice piece I wish you a Happy New Year.
    The age of 2007 here in Switzerland is just 1 hour now...

    All the best to Hong Kong and China

    Beat Kaufmann

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    Re: Vienna Chamber Strings

    Happy New Year to all!
    Thank you very much for your advice and demos Jaimo, Beat and Daryl.
    From the results I have heard from Beat on the VSL website and what he has sent me, I think I'll buy it! http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...lies/clap2.gif

    Keep those recordings coming guys, It's great to listen and learn.


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    Re: Vienna Chamber Strings

    I forgot to thank you for sharing your excellent work, it is inspiring to hear what can be done.

    What samples did you use for the solo trumpet part? ..... VERY impressive!

    Those strings really are amazing!!!
    Now all I need to do is learn how to arrange / compose properly!! heh heh.


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