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Topic: Westgate Solo Horn NOW AVAILABLE!

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    Westgate Solo Horn NOW AVAILABLE!

    The Solo French Horn from the upcoming French Horns Module is NOW AVAILABLE as a Direct Download!

    This new expressive 24 bit instrument is perfect for rich solos in both soft and loud dynamic situations and is available for Gigastudio 3.1 and Kontakt 2.1.

    The Solo French Horn includes the following features:
    Long unlooped sustains
    5 dynamic layers of True Legato instruments
    Keyswitchable Release samples
    Real-time Repetition control
    Attack strength control
    4 variations of Staccato that automatically alternate through round robin programming
    Double and Triple tongue samples in a variety of tempos
    Fortepiano, Crescendo and Diminuendo plus our new "Swells" articulation
    Flutter tongue sustain and Crescendo
    Slow and Fast Rips (up and down)

    This instrument is available for the low price of just $70(US).
    The full DVD version is coming soon and will feature separate 2 and 4 horn sections along with the solo horn.
    Purchase the download today and upgrade to the full DVD when it is released.

    You can listen to demos and purchase the download here.
    Westgate Studios
    Sound Libraries for Gigastudio and Kontakt

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    Re: Westgate Solo Horn NOW AVAILABLE!

    This is a very affordable price, but it's a pity that it does not include the stopped and muted horn : they are more than useful and X-sample is still the only developer to offer these articulations.

    Why is is so hard to find since there is plenty of french horn libraries on the market ?

    Hope it will be available with the upgrade ( but what will be the cost for that ?).

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    Re: Westgate Solo Horn NOW AVAILABLE!

    The price for the complete DVD edition has not yet been set but it will include a full set of articulations for stopped and muted horns, something no one else has offered before now.
    Westgate Studios
    Sound Libraries for Gigastudio and Kontakt

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    Re: Westgate Solo Horn NOW AVAILABLE!

    The stopped and muted horns will make the DVD a must-buy for me. Thanks for including them! (Downloading the solo horn now!)
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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