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Topic: A Piano for EmulatorX

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    A Piano for EmulatorX

    I have not seen it mentioned here, though someone can be interested in it:

    Platinum 88 piano

    Good to hear some review if actually someone has played with it.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: A Piano for EmulatorX

    I've heard nothing about this either... Looks interesting, but i've seen no reviews and only heard one mp3 demo... Someone somewhere has tried it, surely?

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    Re: A Piano for EmulatorX

    They've been advertising it for several months on the EMU site, but I think they're just now bringing it to market. Surely someone will try it soon.

    I tend to like the sound of the pianos in their Proteus X line. For their small pianos, they usually just use hard strikes and rely on an lp filter for softer sounds. But the hard strikes they use are well recorded , and only MF or F, so the fundamental has a lot of presence. I'm looking forward to hearing the new piano.

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