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Topic: Same Year - Two Polls

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    Same Year - Two Polls

    Two articles, based on the same AP/AOL poll:
    • Bright outlook prevails for 2007.
      Looking ahead, optimism reigns in the United States, according to the poll. Seventy-two percent of respondents feel good about what 2007 will bring for the country, and 89 percent are optimistic for themselves and their families, it found.
    • Americans see gloom, doom in 2007.
      Another terrorist attack, a warmer planet, death and destruction from a natural disaster. These are among Americans' grim predictions for the United States in 2007.

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    Re: Same Year - Two Polls

    It makes me remember an old history i used to hear in the church about a Shoes Business man that was planning to expand it to Africa. He sent two guys to "spy" the continent and say to them what chances of succesfull he has in that idea.
    When they turn back from the travel he talk separately to each one. The first said "well, you will not have luck there. Nobody use shoes!". Later he talks with the second and it said "Well, you are lucky! you will be able to sell a lot, because "nobodo use shoes!".

    Sorry if the story is not accurate, is like i remember it (or the "nobody use shoes" is not true of the 1800 Africa).
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Same Year - Two Polls

    I'm going to have to choose door number one, 2007 will be a great year.

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