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Topic: GVI un-install issue

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    GVI un-install issue

    Hey all,
    I am having problems running GVI, and so I want to uninstall it. When I try to do this I get an error message saying "cannot open INSTALL.log file." I have also tried uninstalling from the Add/Remove programs in the control panel and I get the same message. Anyone know a way around this problem.

    Thanks for you help.


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    Re: GVI un-install issue

    check to see if your machine has the latest microsoft installer..3.1? Back up your license to a floppy. You might also need microsoft.NET runtime 2.0 or the 1.1 update for windows....it should work just fine on a machine with all the updates on the Operating system and hardware drivers..especially video cards and sound cards..maybe add a little more memory..your gvi configuration may be off somewhere..did you apply any updates to your sequencer?..you might try that..it takes a while to read all the manuals on gvi and your sequencer,,plus they dont really give eneough info in the manuals some times on some of the more obscure points on buffers dithering ect..could also try system restore...

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