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Topic: Wind Machine and Suspended Cymbal

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    Wind Machine and Suspended Cymbal

    I use Sibelius GPO, but I can't figure out what to use for the wind machine. I've tried a basic percussion staff and setting it to wind machine in the mixer, but nothing happens.

    My other question is about the suspended cymbal. There is only one sound I've found for suspended cymbal, which is under basic orchestral percussion on A#6, using the X noteheads. However, I was wondering if there is any other way to get the suspended cymbal sound, since this one requires a large number of measures before it can actually be heard (it's called "Crescendo cymbal roll" in the GPO appendix). In other words, I need to tie together a really long note so that the sound techincally begins before I want to hear it, but it can't actually be heard until several beats later (ideally I make it long enough to be heard at the right time, which isn't to difficult, just annoying).

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    Re: Wind Machine and Suspended Cymbal

    I don't know about the cymbal but you should be able to use the wind machine if you use an ordinary 'Treble Staff'.
    This should work, if not you can allways fiddle around with settings.


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