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Topic: Long time no post

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    Long time no post

    Hi everybody -- sorry I've been away for a while, but my wife and I bought our first house and we've been busy doing house stuff. I got one of those "You haven't posted in a while" messages!

    Haven't had much time to compose lately but I'm going to be making a renewed effort now that a lot of the unpacking and setup is done.

    I've been an apartment dweller since college/grad school, so I'm used to having to squeeze my music gear into all sorts of odd configurations just to make it fit. But now I have a whole 2nd bedroom to use as my studio, and we bought a piano for the living room--I'll post pictures of the studio once it's up and running.

    How are things here at Garritania? Did I miss any masterpieces?


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    Re: Long time no post

    Well, your absence has been noticed, but I figured you were adapting to your new marital status. Adaptation is a very demanding and important part if you wish the marital not to morph to martial!


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    Re: Long time no post

    Good to see you 'round again, Chris!


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