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Topic: Questions about Akoustik Piano

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    Questions about Akoustik Piano

    I use Kontakt2 in stand alone mode on a second computer. Does Native Instruments' Acoustik Piano work inside of Kontakt2? Does it have to work on its own? How would I use it on the same computer with K2 if I want to use the piano along side other samples loaded inside of K2?



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    Re: Questions about Akoustik Piano

    Hi Marko

    Yes, Akoustic Piano patches work perfectly in K2 and come with a performance view interface (introduced in v2.1) which allows control of reverb length and type, resonance, noise, detail, position etc as found in Akoustic Piano's own interface. I'm not sure that I understand your 3rd question but I hope the above helps.


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    Re: Questions about Akoustik Piano

    Thanks Brett.


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