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Topic: GPO/Logic and multiple instruments

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    GPO/Logic and multiple instruments

    Happy New Year everyone,

    Im having trouble with the tutorial "Using GPO with Logic 7 Tutorial"
    by Kevin Rix on the Garritan site. I'm trying to play multiple instruments with one instance of GPO.

    The tutorial is very clear and I've gone through it a number of times carefully without succsess. According to the tutorial, two tracks sharing the same instrument number can be set to different MIDI channels that correspond to the different MIDI channels in one instance of GPO. I set track one (instr. 1) to MIDI ch. 1 and track two (instr. 1) to MIDI ch. 2. Logic will only allow me to set one MIDI channel for each instrument number. When I change the second track to MIDI channel 2, the first track also changes. I'm use to doing this very quickly in DP, but I guess it's a little more involved in Logic.

    There are a couple of other tutorials that involve the envirnment, but since I'm new to Logic I tried this one first.

    Thanks in advance for any help,


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    Re: GPO/Logic and multiple instruments


    I had a similar experience in Logic 6. Assuming that in the environment window you have an instance of a multi-instrument followed by an audio object (cha parameter=instrument and midi cha=all) using channels 1&2 while the remaining channels (3-8) each have an "aux" audio object assigned, the connecting line from the multi-instrument must be drawn from the multi-instrument triangle to the left side of the 1st audio object, not to the right side triangle.

    I hope this helps

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    Re: GPO/Logic and multiple instruments

    Thanks I'll try your suggestion. I need to explore the environment a little more. I was hoping there was a less complicated way. At this point I can have multilple instruments with one instance very easily in DP.

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