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Topic: GPO in DP5 (Intel)?

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    GPO in DP5 (Intel)?

    I am considering buying GPO

    I have the full version of Kontakt 2 for Intel Mac, and use it in live perfomance with DP5. I have read in this forum of problems using the full version of Kontakt2 with GPO. If I buy GPO, how can I use it with DP5? Is there a "light" version of Kontact packaged with it? Will it work as a DP plugin, like the full version of Kontakt? If so, is the "light" version Intel compatible?

    Thanks in advance,

    Doug Dye

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    Re: GPO in DP5 (Intel)?

    Ddye, as far as I know GPO hasn't been ported to intel yet. I think Gary's crew is hard at it though.
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