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Topic: Expression Woes

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    Expression Woes

    I just bought an additional "cheap" controller (Korg K25) and a pedal (Yamaha FC-7) for the strad. Though reading through some other posts now, I'm guessing the K25 doesn't actually support "true" modulation via the pedal input, even though this can be assigned via the KORG editor. In any event, I've had no success with this combination.

    I'm not in a position of purchasing another $500 keyboard as my SL 880 is pretty much what have to work with for everything else. Any other suggestions at this point?


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    Re: Expression Woes

    I use an old Ensoniq (Fatar-made) CV pedal with my Studiologic SL-880. As you know, it's hardwired to CC#7, but I've been using the MFX at www.tencrazy.com, written by Markleford Friedman to re-route that to CC#11 within Sonar. Seems to work fine.

    Having said that, I REALLY wish the Strad's scripting options were unlocked in K2. Another thread lists a script that could re-route any CC to CC#11, which seems a more streamlined solution.

    Gary/Giorgio/Stefano...any chance for a patch to allow such a script to be inserted? I don't need to get in and muck around with the existing scripts that make the instrument playable - I'll leave that to the experts.


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    Re: Expression Woes

    I'm not familiar with the Korg K25.
    You said
    "I'm guessing the K25 doesn't actually support "true" modulation via the pedal input, even though this can be assigned via the KORG editor."

    I'm guessing you meant to say expression cc11 for the Strad pedal function. If the pedal controller assignment can be assigned to cc 11 in the K25 that should give you the control you need. What is the problem you are having with expression for the Strad?

    I've been using an SL 880 with a Yamaha FC 7 pedal with limited results due to an internal problem w/ the SL 880.

    I tried the Ten Crazy MFX plugin and from what I remember the translation of cc7 to cc11 works on the output of the channel. Then you should transpose the controller value from cc7 to cc11 via your sequencer edit function and delete the MFX from the track to make the translation permanent.
    I've also tried a program called MidiTranslator from www.bome.com .This program executes the translation prior to the sequencer . You'll need virtual midi routing software for routing. The translation works but I end with many notes having a duration of zero after recording stops. - always something!
    Bosco Adama

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    Re: Expression Woes

    My Logic guru created a transf device inside of the logic environment that converts the incoming data.

    I've got the pedal on order, but so far it works like a charm with other devices. I do agree though that it would be nice to allow access to K2s script to do the same thing.

    Thanks all for you patient posts.


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