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Topic: Fairhurst Launches ColonelCrush Version 2.0

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    Fairhurst Launches ColonelCrush Version 2.0

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    On New Year's Day my son an I launched version 2.0 of the http://ColonelCrush.com Website. He films silly movies with his crew, and I write the silly music for them. Starting in 2007, we plan to release a new Microfilm or Webisode each week.

    Anyway, check out the Trailer for Colonel Crush 3: The Sword in the Stone - OF ACTION!


    This has got to be my highest orchestration & mixing to composition ratio yet. Not that the orchestration is great or anything. It's that the composition is so minimal. Take some minor seconds and percussion, sync them to picture, layer more and more unisons and season with GigaPulse and EQ. My 19-year-old target market (my son and his friends) seems to like it.

    BTW, the libs used for the trailer include brass from GS3's VSL, VOTA, a Kirk Hunter full string patch, G-Town, a Larry Seyer snare, Doru Malaia's Odaiko, and the overblown staccs from Westgate's Modular flute.

    On the 8th we release a Microfilm called "B for Vendetta", which features a composition with actual melodies.


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    Re: Fairhurst Launches ColonelCrush Version 2.0

    Great Stuff Jon!

    What did you use from the G-town (I just downloaded it and am not yet intimately familiar with it) ? And what the heck is an odaiko?

    Thanks for sharing !

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    Re: Fairhurst Launches ColonelCrush Version 2.0

    Glad you enjoyed the trailer, Rick.

    I used the cymbals from G-Town. It includes some nice swells and hits. Oh yeah, I used the Giga-VSL bass drum too.

    An odaiko is a large Japanese drum, or big taiko. It's ideal for that percussive movie trailer sound.

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    Re: Fairhurst Launches ColonelCrush Version 2.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    The music and production values are excellent --- great job!

    You should have seen Matt's (the VO guy's) face light up when I finished compressing and EQ'ing his track. His first pass was really dead - he was trying so hard to get deep, that he was monotonic. On the second pass we coached him to be more lively - even if he let his voice go a bit higher in frequency. He was still really disappointed with the raw recordings.

    The trick was to copy his track and to HEAVILY compress one of them. I then put them through an aux bus and applied a scoop, bumped the fundamentals and cut off the subsonics. I need to get a multiband compressor - I would then be able to leave more of the subsonics in.

    So the real superhero in the trailer is audio processing. It rescued our VO guy from the certain fate of humiliation! And, yes, he's got the gig for the CC4 trailer.

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