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Topic: MOTU Symphonic Inst convolution spikes

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    MOTU Symphonic Inst convolution spikes

    I have been playing with the MOTU inst lately, and I have problems with the convolution causing havoc in my system. It doesn't seem as simple as my system not being up to snuff, because when I engage the convolution, my cpu hovers at about 40%, but spikes up and down 10-20% above that. The sound goes crackly and it won't stop until I disengage it. I use the convolution in Kontakt 2 all the time and it never does that. I am using the latest drivers and the latest MOTU update. Thoughts?



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    Re: MOTU Symphonic Inst convolution spikes

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    No - MOTU just doesn't have it together!
    That was a snide and unhelpful remark. MOTU is a fine company with a long history of making quality products. They are new to the VI scene and it is to be expected they have a few hiccups. I seem to remember Kontakt2 had a very similar problem with convolution in its early releases, too.

    I would search the issue on the Unicornation forum. If there are issues with a MOTU product the solution can usually be found there.

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    Re: MOTU Symphonic Inst convolution spikes

    I had some issues with MOTU SI on my Dell PC (as in piece of crap) but it works fine on my Apple Mac(s). Same goes for Miroslav Philharmonik. But to answer the original question, yes, the convolution would also spike on my PC. Have you tried ver. 1.1? It's pretty decent on my current systems.

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    Re: MOTU Symphonic Inst convolution spikes

    I have the latest SI version- so I never tried 1.1. I've tried the program on both my Mac and my PC- the convolution freaks them both out. Granted, my Mac is an older 1.25 emac, but really. I too have found that many companies have problems with their products, and I also find that there is alot I can tell by customer service. There has been none from MOTU. When I have been able to get them on they phone, they have been curt and unhelpful. Hence, I'm trying to find help here.



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    Unhappy Re: MOTU Symphonic Inst convolution spikes

    I have the same spike problem.

    Seems that the processor load gets to high under certain conditions.
    When that happens the reverb produces a stuttering/spiked sound.
    Sadly it cannot recover anymore when that happens (not even by disabling and re-enabling the reverb), which I find a bit strange.

    Of course Motu SI is not the only thing asking CPU force. Your sequencer also consumes CPU force.

    What I discovered is that when running Motu SI in Logic 5.5 or in Cubase SX 3, the convolution reverb produces the stuttering/spiked sound, but when running Motu SI in Sonar 5 the reverb sounds good (without the stuttering/spikes). Apparently Sonar 5 asks less CPU force then Logic and Cubase, so that more CPU is available for the convolution reverb of Motu SI.

    Sadly, I do not like using Sonar (ergonomics, behaviour) and am much more comfortable and happy with Cubase.


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