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Topic: Status of the LinuxSampler project?

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    Status of the LinuxSampler project?

    A couple of years ago a number of developers started the Open Source LinuxSampler project, creating a GigaStudio compatible sampler running on Linux.

    Is anyone familiar with the current status of this project and if it is already usable and stable?


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    Re: Status of the LinuxSampler project?

    Could you remind us of the details by posting links to threads or URL's? Thanks.

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    Re: Status of the LinuxSampler project?

    My 2 cents - support the format - buy Gigastudio or GVI. The alternate reality is not as rosy as it might seem.


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    Re: Status of the LinuxSampler project?

    Did you check their website Still a work in progress, it says, but it looks good so far:


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    Re: Status of the LinuxSampler project?

    Hi, all LinuxSampler is doing fine so far.
    some infos from the insiders since you asked

    except convolution reverb all features of the GIG3 format should be supported.
    Linuxsampler now comes with midi controlled FX sends and a MIDI bank mapping functions which allows precaching of instruments and instant program changes useful for playing GM midi files, midi styles and so on.

    The Lionstracs Mediastation keyboard

    which has a MIDI synth chip too (Atmel Dream with max 256MB sample flash ram) now uses almost exclusively LinuxSampler for playback for the simple reason of providing greater flexibility and infinite sample sizes.
    AFAIK their current sound bank is around 8GB (GM/GS soundbank).

    At the upcoming Frankfurt Musikmesse you can see the latest LinuxSampler in action at the Lionstracs booth. So if you make it to Musikmesse don't forget to stop by

    Another positive thing is the upcoming Windows port.
    One of the core components , libGIG, the opensource GIG format read/writing DLL has already been ported to Windows.
    You can find the code in the CVS (code repository) of the linuxsampler site. It can be used by other windows applications too that wish to interact with the GIG format under windows.

    On OS X LinuxSampler should already fully work as standalone app. (audio output will be done via JACK, CoreMidi is implemented, CoreAudio not yet).
    But someone has to provide a binary with installer to allow non technicians to use it without bitching around with compilers etc.

    The goal is to provide a native VST (windows) and AU (OS X) plugin.

    When there will be news about the matter you'll certainly hear about them

    PS: on the linuxsampler developers mailinglist there is a studio user which is currently migrating his sampler rig to LinuxSampler, using a serie of diskless PCs with LinuxSampler on it which get the samples from a central server.
    I'm not sure what his real reason for going diskless is, but probably in order to decrease studio noise, simplify management and perhaps saving money too since you only need a single storage unit (which could be a file server or a RAID based standalone storage unit). But he will certainly tell us interesting things about his experiences.


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