For me, at least, GVI is out of tune on RTAS at 48kHz. It is, in fact, sharp by a factor of 48/44.1. My guess is that at 98kHz it would be sharp a whopping 98/44.1 but I haven't tried that.

It is in tune at 48 kHz stand-alone, and in a VST wrapper (V-stack).

There was a similar problem with GS 3.0x, fixed iin GS 3.1. And yes, I sent a note to Tascam, getting my usual response (nothing).

Does anybody else see this? Have a fix for it?

Forgive me if I missed this someplace. It seems so fundamental that I can't believe it hasn't been posted. Or fixed by Tascam for that matter. The only thing I can come up with is that either
- nobody is using GVI with RTAS at other than 44.1kHz
- they are using it, but with no other samplers to compare, and don't have perfect pitch.

I am in the unfortunate position of matching all of the above criteria.

Well, at least it isn't too bad at handling unpitched percussion