Okay, I have tried and maybe someone knows the answer.

After I received JaBB, I realized that Tracktion 2 (or 1 for that matter) does not support or recognize aftertouch. So, working with vibrato is not possible in Tracktion. (Bummer, I know. And by the way some of the questions on the Mackie and KVR Tracktion forums are it doesn't look like it will be in Tracktion 3 either.)

Anyway, I have Cubase 5.1 r1 which is a pre-SX Cubase version from around 2000. It has always been a good work horse for me and I have run as many as 48-50 tracks no sweat in it. It has a great midi editor and does use and recognize aftertouch. I can draw vibrato control cc's to my hearts content.

What I can't do is get Cubase to recognize Garritan Ambience as a VST plugin. When I try to put Ambience in an effect slot, I get "plugin not found - try again" or something to that effect. When I restart the program (that's when it searches for plugins), I get the message that Garritan Ambience crashed the last time I used Cubase. (I already knew that!)

I have checked and the plug in is in the VST folder. However, as I snooped around I found that I have 2 versions of Ambience. One is called Garritan Ambience.dll with 2060 bytes for file size and the other is called Garritan_Ambience.dll which has 2068 bytes for file size. The dll file with 2060 bytes is newer than the one that has 2068 bytes in it.

Any suggestions as to what's wrong.