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Topic: GPO sibelius: video question

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    GPO sibelius: video question

    Hi folks, nice to be here... just a quick question regarding using GPO Sibelius edition.... when I load a video in Sibelius, (and have my GPO instruments ready to go) the sound cuts out when I push play. I've already checked the option in Sibelius that allows other programs to access the MIDI funtions... I am using a decent setup with an M-Audio MobilePre (ASIO), so I'm not sure why I can't hear both soundtrack and GPO at the same time... sorry if this question is a bit off GPO topics, there's nothing at the sibelius site that even begins to address this. thanks! John

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    Re: GPO sibelius: video question


    You should post this on the Chat page of the Sibelius site - there are bound to be a number of people there who have used this combination.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    R. Pearl

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    Re: GPO sibelius: video question

    thank you for your reply...I wasn't able to access this forum at my desktop because of some elevated security settings...

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