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Topic: Last Lesson -Interactive Rimsky-Korsakov Principles of Orchestration -now posted

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    Last Lesson -Interactive Rimsky-Korsakov Principles of Orchestration -now posted

    Lesson 25 of the Interactive Rimsky-Korsakov Principles of Orchestration is now posted above. This is our last instructional lesson. There is also a Conclusion and Look Ahead posted by Professor Alan Belkin.

    Lesson 25 discusses artificial effects, the use of percussion instruments for rhythm and color, and economy in orchestral color. The next lesson will be a wrap up of the course and the author's and editor's comments.

    Rimsky-Korsakov's "Principles of Orchestration" is one of the finest orchestration books ever published. This online interactive edition presents this classic work as a multimedia, self paced course, delivered on the Northern Sounds forum.

    It is our pleasure to emphasize that the course is free. There is no charge, direct or hidden, no obligation, no registration required, no book to buy, no strings attached. Just come and learn!

    The course has numerous interactive scores (275 of them) that allow you to see the score while you hear the music. There are also exercises with scores, midi files and audio clips. There are online orchestration professors and a community learning environment where learners can discuss the topics and share their examples. Here's the link to the course itself: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...splay.php?f=77

    Thanks to all of you who have participated

    Gary Garritan

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    Exclamation Re: Last Lesson -Interactive Rimsky-Korsakov Principles of Orchestration -now posted

    In lesson 23, the second to last score, Score reference 254, The Tsar's Bride, it stops playing after 4 measures just before the f to ff crescendo. Since that one is illustrating the anacrusis in the strings of the first four measures, i didn't know if you intended for it stop there, but thought i would mention it just in case you didn't, plus i wanted to hear the crescendo.

    This course is so amazing, i still have to go back over and over, but still sad to see it come to the end. Thanks so much for this to you Gary and to all who helpred produce this course, including Rimsky who is probably in heaven smiling and proud to see what you have done for all who were helped by this.


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