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Topic: Got my Rhythm Section!

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    Got my Rhythm Section!


    Just wanted to give everyone some intial reactions to my Rhytm Section. It arrived via FedEx on Tuesday, so I've been fiddling with it off and on for five days now. (I've probably got 12 hours or so logged.)

    In my opinion the sounds are very good, as usual for Notion. Notion folks seem to know how to sample.

    The Expressions work quite well. They are not 100% complete, but certainly good enough to get some realism.

    The guitar sound is fine for jazz. If anyone has used a guitar notation tool like Guitar Pro, you might miss the bends, slides and vibrato control. Hammer on's and pull off's are not quite realistic to my ears. Nevertheless, when my wife heard it she said "Is that you? Did you record that?"

    The electric bass, with its slap style expressions, is pretty awesome and quite easy to use.

    The new drum staff is a great help.

    The drum kit is good. In my opinion (contrary to many, I know) sampled drums are one of the hardest things to make sound real in a jazz or rock setting. I use DFH Superior from Toontrack in my sequencer. DFH is more realistic than Notion's drum kit and has several makes of drums sampled, but is harder to use than Notion's. The ability to notate everything in beautiful traditional notation and have it come out pretty nicely is pretty cool.

    In the past my "art" composition (orchestra and traditional ensembles and instruments) and my "pop" composition (jazz and jazz fusion) have been seperate. Notion's Rhythm Section is tempting me to bring them together. I see lots of fun in my near future!



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    Re: Got my Rhythm Section!

    I'm glad you're liking it. The guitar proved to be much more difficult than we anticipated, and hopefully we'll start work on improvements. Regardless, I'm thrilled with the way the drums sound and very happy with the way the bass sounds.

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    Re: Got my Rhythm Section!

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks to you and everyone else resonsible for the Rhythm Section!


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