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Topic: Theme for Aeris!

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    Theme for Aeris!

    Hey all.

    This is something I wrote for a little competition ( I came 2nd ) where the idea was to take a piece from a video game and write a new original composition in the same style.

    Anyway here it is:

    Theme for Aeris
    By Chris Hurn, 4:02 [mp3]


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    Re: Theme for Aeris!

    Hi Chris, this is a beautiful piece. Nice moving theme and the piano fits very well, I like how you blended it. Love the minor 9th chord in your theme. It sounds beautiful--I like the harp at the end too. Nice!


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    Re: Theme for Aeris!

    Gosh, Chris, this is just gorgeous... really beautiful work.

    Clear, clean writing and, as Clark said, the blending and
    flow of it is really well done... both skillful and very moving.

    A pleasure to hear!

    My best,


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    Re: Theme for Aeris!


    Really lovely piece. I can easily see why it placed well in the competition. The scoring is really excellent too.



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    Re: Theme for Aeris!

    Hi Chris,
    Not just beautiful ... but a sweet reminiscing quality too; as if the character has a significant past ... rendering and flow are excellent ... well managed cres. in the right places for dramatic effect... extremely cinematic ...

    Great work...

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