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Topic: Valle de Los Caidos

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    Valle de Los Caidos

    Valle de Los Caidos

    Subtitle: The Madness of War. Valle de los Caidos is a monstruous momument near Madrid, honouring those who died during the civil war in Spain. This monument is beautiful, ugly, pompous and an accusation against all violence. People are hiding, children's play interrupted and hasty, a cry from the grave.

    It is an older piece, composed somewhere at the beginning of the new century.

    [It is a pity that Franco let this monument build only for those fallen, who were in favour of his politics]

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    Re: Valle de Los Caidos

    Wow, very interesting... sounds very rushed and has a "panic" quality ... with small interruptions of very melodic and robust sweeps... great mix of emotions in this work. The piano performance and rendering sound perfect...

    Thank you for sharing this...

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Valle de Los Caidos

    I'm not overly familiar with such kind of music. But my conservative sensibilities were never overstepped. I quickly ignored the proposed program and created my own, which took me to the playground where my girls were playing in the snow with their classmates. I must tread carefully during these times, because what seems to me some trifling matter is taken quite seriously by them!


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    Re: Valle de Los Caidos

    A fascinating piece in its sweeping, vigorous indictments
    of the insanities of conflict... but regardless of the
    programmatic intent of the piece I found the writing
    interesting, deeply engaging especially in the opening.

    Fine job on this Raymond; a strong piece on a strong
    subject, in more ways than one.

    My best,


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    Re: Valle de Los Caidos

    Thanks guys,

    now back to a more pleasant subject....... No, no new piece. Maybe later.
    I must catch up my listening to others works, presented here.


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    Re: Valle de Los Caidos

    very nice, Raymond. And as already said a perfect rendition


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