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Topic: VSL Piano demo-- Rarely heard Syzmanowski masterwork

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    VSL Piano demo-- Rarely heard Syzmanowski masterwork

    Here is my performance of Karol Szymanowski's Piano Etude Opus 4 #3 using the new VSL Bosendorfer Imperial piano (distant mic).

    This piece really shows off the full dynamic range of the instrument-- from tender ppp to thundering fff.

    I modeled this performance after one of the last of the great Romantic pianists and one of my favorites -- Van Cliburn.

    I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to share any reactions you may have.



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    Re: VSL Piano demo-- Rarely heard Syzmanowski masterwork

    Finally, I hear a Grand Piano...

    Night and day with others demos.


    Is it just the score which fits better to that library, or the patch ? The mix ?

    Quite strange to hear such a difference.

    Congrats again.
    Gabriel Plalame.

    (The French dyslexic who speaks badly English.)

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    Re: VSL Piano demo-- Rarely heard Syzmanowski masterwork

    Thanks, Gabriel. I put a lot of effort into the voicing and phrasing. Perhaps this is what is making the difference.


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    Thumbs up Re: VSL Piano demo-- Rarely heard Syzmanowski masterwork

    Dear Jay,

    What a performance! This is the first Bosendorfer demo that made me want to own it- your demos always have such a wonderful subtlety to them.

    I have a question about your programming method:

    Do you perform the piece as is, or play small phrases at a time? Do you separate tracks for left and right hand? Also, I'm guessing for such a demo, you didn't use tempo maps. Please enlighten me!



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    Re: VSL Piano demo-- Rarely heard Syzmanowski masterwork

    Thanks, Alex. I wish my piano technique were up to the challenge of playing this piece live in real time. But alas it is not.

    Most of this performance has been tweaked in the sequencer. I made a very elaborate tempo map in order to get the rubato and phrasing right. I separated all the melodic and harmonic threads onto separate tracks (8 in all) and adjusted all the velocities to get the voicings and dynamics the way I wanted.

    This is a virtual performance and the way I wish I could play the piece in real life.

    You can download the midi file(tutorial) for this piece on the same page as the mp3 to see exactly what I did.


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    Re: VSL Piano demo-- Rarely heard Syzmanowski masterwork

    Well Jay, this is something of a first for me, but I will have to give this mock-up a thumbs down. !

    You know, that I am a big fan of your work, which is unfailingly musical, and expressive. And the VSL brand is normally a guarantee of sonic excellence, but this Piano seems to fall short of the quality we have come to expect from our Friends from Vienna.

    Your performance is quite good, nice tempo's, careful control of foreground/background issues and so on.

    The attack portion of the notes sounds reasonably good, but the sustain portion of the samples sound curiously lifeless.
    The piano to mezzo piano range isnt too bad, but anything above this seems problematic.

    I do not want to seem overly critical of this Piano, as I have yet to find a sampled Piano that I enjoy playing. Although Worra seems to have come closest to capturing some of the magic inherent in the sound.

    Perhaps the fact that I am a pianist, makes me hyper critical. I sometimes like the sounds in other libraries, ( Violin,Tpt French Hrn etc) and the players of those instruments often make adverse comments about the lack of realism.

    This is by far the best demo I have heard of this Lib, but somehow the excellence of your programming only heightens the problems with the sound of this Library.

    regards Joe

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    Re: VSL Piano demo-- Rarely heard Syzmanowski masterwork

    Thanks for the honest appraisal, Joe. Perhaps my limited mixing skills are not doing this piano justice.


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