I have found one or two tutorials and tips on the Forum involving Cubase specifically, but was wondering if there are more I am missing, and if so where are they. Since Cubase SX3 and C4 are my 'sequencer' software of choice, I find it easier to follow tutorials when they are written for those programs rather than software like Sonar or Finale.
I would also like to find some information re. arranging horn sections in JABB for pop music (Memphis Horns or Tower of Power style horn sections for example). With the excellent instruments at my disposal in JABB, that should be easier than arranging for a big band....once one knows how. I've found a bit of information on arranging horns in an orchestra, but darn if I can find anything like what I mentioned. I also derived a few ideas from the riffs in the Arturia Brass software, but not enough, so if anyone has any comments or can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.