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Topic: Need really good 88 key midi keyboard controller

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    Need really good 88 key midi keyboard controller

    I currently have the 88 key Fatar/Studiologic SL-1100 controller which has awesome heavy weighted keys with hammer action feel but, as some of you may have read in my other posts, the the high and low velocity resolution between 1 to 50 and between 90 to 127 is horrible. It is especially hard to play soft velocities with this keyboard.

    So I need a professional fully weighted 88 key midi keyboard controller with EXCELLENT velocity response.

    I need some serious user opinions.

    So far my research has found the following:

    Yamaha KX-88
    Doepfer LMk
    Peavy DPM-C8
    Roland A90-EX

    Also wondering if Studiologic redeemed themselves with their new flagship VMK-188.

    I would greatly appreciate any input on this!!
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    Re: Need really good 88 key midi keyboard controller

    For what it's worth, I just got the UF8 the other day. I didnt play it before hand like I should have but it's a long drive to see one around here, I desperately needed an 88 key controller, the price was right, and it didnt suffer from the same bad reviews I kept reading about M-audio 88 key board. So anyway, I'm using it as a midi controller for Cubase and sample libs. I'm way impressed with the feel of the keyboard at this price range. I really love it. I've assigned the sliders to the things I wanted to and that only took a couple of minutes. I can play really soft on it and I have to offer some pretty good pressure to get the loud notes to ring. Also, I've heard that the action stiffens after sitting for a while but I think that they must have remedied this because I havent noticed that at all. It's also very solid feeling, not cheap (other than the bottom of the unit being made in hardboard I do believe. I'm not going to even try the USB thing with it as I dont really need those functions and midi through my USB card has proved to be a real pain in the past. Just wanted to let you know that there is atleast ONE very satisfied customer with this board. Happy hunting.


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    Re: Need really good 88 key midi keyboard controller


    I have also been using the CME-UF8 which I can highly recommend... Moving from another 88 board (Technics SX-P30) on which I had to pound the keys to get the note velocity anywhere close to 100, its been a blessing to be able to just play "fff" and get note velocity 127 easily on the CME-UF8... Pound it hard like I did on the SX-P30, and you get the surrounding notes sounding at the same time... But then again, there really isn't a need to pound it that hard either...

    Works well through midi port, haven't touched the USB port though...


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